June 25, 2015


New Contact Procedure!

We have had a few problems with the emails.

So from now on when you want to contact us, please email the person you want to get tattooed by directly!

Here is how it goes.

1. Find out who you want to tattoo you, by going through the different portfolio’s.

2. Email the tattooer you have chosen directly.

3. Call the shop if you feel it is taking too long for the person to reply. Sometimes emails goes to the spam folder by accident.

Here are the emails:

Amalie: amalieink@gmail.com

Saeid: saeidtattoo@email.com

Tony: badmannerstattooclub@gmail.com

Kuba: kujawart@gmail.com

Amina: aminacharaitattoo@gmail.com

All emails are also to be found in each gallery.

Have a nice day:)